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In February 2023, the NAMC passed the statutory levy for Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Poultry, including Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM) imported into South Africa. 20% of this levy has been earmarked for industry transformation.



Transformation of the meat and poultry import, and export industry is vital for sustainable economic growth and food security in South Africa. It is however crucial to have access to suitable candidates that are set-up for success.

The Academy seeks to drive transformation first and foremost in existing role players, AMIE Members, by offering a vehicle for transformation for their organisations. AMIE members have the opportunity to help create a new generation of leaders, strengthening their organisations, the industry and the value chain.

The AMIE Academy is the vehicle to lead sustainable transformation through:

  • A systematic skills development plan
  • Tailor-made for the meat and poultry import and export industry
  • Aimed at nominated and suitable candidates

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The AMIE Academy not only fulfils the role of driving industry transformation. More importantly, also provides our members with an opportunity to deliver on workplace skills development and enterprise and supplier development.
It ticks all the governance boxes in a sustainable way, making a net positive impact.


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