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The South African Police Service (SAPS) in the North West has warned that truck hijackings have seen a rise in recent months, particularly in Brits, Mmakau and Mothotlung.

One of the latest incidents occurred on 13 April when a truck driver was sent to collect good in Brits. When he arrived at the location, he called the client who then sent someone to accompany him to the collection site. The truck driver and the man proceeded to Mothotlung via Damonsville.

“It is alleged that the pair met with another man, who was supposed to direct and accompany them to the collection site. After getting in the truck, he allegedly pointed the driver with a firearm and instructed him to start the truck. Suddenly, the third man emerged, but the driver proceeded and ultimately stopped at Mothotlung cemetery where he was forced out of the truck at gunpoint.  The suspects tied his hands and legs with a rope, then robbed him of his cell phone, bank card and an undisclosed amount of cash before driving off with the truck,” said SAPS North West spokesperson Colonel Adele Myburgh.