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ITAC just corrected their provisional anti-dumping duties on bone-in chicken. Again.

In February 2021, ITAC initiated an anti-dumping investigation into bone-in chicken from Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, Poland and Spain. You read about the details here.

On 17 December ITAC imposed provisional duties on bone-in chicken from these 5 countries. But they got the scope wrong and imposed duties where it was not applicableThis blog post will tell you about the provisional duties and the errors made. We told ITAC about their error and to their credit, they swiftly corrected it on 31 December 2021 (backdated to 17 December). This error was about including products in the duty calculation which were out of scope.

The applicant argues that bone-in chicken should be considered as a single unit, rather than each cut separately. ITAC however have opted to look at wings separately from drumsticks, for example. It may seem obvious to you that a wing and a drumstick are not interchangeable, but this is less obvious when it’s convenient. Ironically, it was SAPA who first requested the split in the tariff codes, to separate out each cut, and who now so eagerly want this split removed.

Then we received the calculations ITAC did to arrive at the provisional duties and there were errors. Again. On 11 February 2022, ITAC published another round of corrections as per the table below.

Exporter Country Incorrect duty Corrected duty Difference
HK Scan Denmark 39% 16.9% -22.1%
Drobimex Poland 9% 2% -7%
UVE SA Spain 4% 3% -1%
Grupo Vall Spain 26% 25% -1%


Read the full article here: Yet another error corrected in the anti-dumping duties imposed on frozen bone-in chicken – XA International Trade Advisors